About Us

Learn how to escape to the woods at Findley Lake Sporting Goods.

Owner Mike Maring fell in love with snow sports because of the outdoors connection. Because of that passion, he has become a local expert on skiing. The sporting good store first started in a small area near Peek ‘n Peak Ski Resort.

Mike and a friend started out as the co-owners of Country Classic Ski Rental – a one-room operation on the upstairs floor of the former Old Country Classic Restaurant. Within two years, his friend moved from the area leaving Mike as the sole owner of the ski rental place. He operated the business there for approximately five ski seasons – until the restaurant was sold.

At that time, he was able to purchase the Findley Lake Hardware store where he relocated his ski rental operation. Because of the larger space, Mike easily found room for an expanded line of cross-county skiing, snowboarding and downhill skiing equipment. He also added a bit of mountain biking equipment as well. The store quickly became known as Findley Lake Sporting Goods, which has been in its present location, just off of I-86 in New York State, since 1993.

Mike confesses that the business started out as a passion for him. He loves the outdoors and enjoys sharing it with others. Mike himself has been an avid winter sports fan since he left high school. He was a downhill ski instructor at Peek ‘n Peak for 13 years and then moved into cross-country skiing. “I got the bug and kept it,” he remarked. Cross-country skiing is such a big attraction in this area because of the connection to nature.

At first, Mike said skiing was a way to stay in shape over the winters, but it is such an escape into the woods. He and his wife, Lydia, of 14 years have one son, Michael, 4. The entire family enjoys being outside!

So stop by the store and learn how you can escape to the woods too!